Office of Catechesis and Faith Formation

"Only in deep communion with Him will catechists find light and strength for an authentic, desirable renewal of catechesis."" - St. John Paul II (Catechesis in Our Time #9)

Ready to go deeper?

The Didache series takes you deeper into Catholic tradition and history, takes you on a tour of Scripture with Dr. Scott Hahn, and invites you to discover the beauty of a life anchored in the truth of Jesus Christ.

$29 -25 Lessons (1 year subscription)


Introduction to Catholicism

Introduction to Catholicism, 2nd Edition, contains the same Catholic teaching found in the popular original textbook, with expanded topics. Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this text covers the basic tenets of the Faith and what it means to be Catholic. This course, one of four in the Didache Complete Course Series, is used by high schools, home school groups, RCIA, and is also suitable for anyone looking to broaden their Faith knowledge.

$29 - 22 Lessons (1 year subscription)


Understanding the Scriptures

This course by Dr. Scott Hahn presents a Catholic approach to Scripture, highlighting the theme of covenant. Tracing a path through salvation history, the course explains the various books of the Bible and the importance of each event in salvation history. Understanding the Scriptures will provide an understanding of Sacred Scripture so critical to the Catholic Faith.

$29 - 21 Lessons - (1 year subscription)


The History of the Church

This comprehensive history of the Catholic Church includes every major event in the Church's history from the life of her founder, Jesus Christ, to the present day. This text places the Church in her context throughout history and explains the role that the Church and her leaders have played in the shaping of history for better and worse. Complete with maps, timelines, sidebars, paintings, and photographs, The History of the Church is a critical historical resource for Catholic and non-Catholic historians alike.

$29 - 22 Lessons (1 year subscription)


Our Moral Life in Christ

Our Moral Life in Christ presents the more complex theological concepts of the Catholic Faith. With particular emphasis on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Veritatis Splendor, this book provides the formation necessary to live a moral life and a foundation to pursue advanced theological studies.